Project Overview
Sugar Bowl is an iconic restaurant on the Millersville University campus. Opening in 1978, Sugar Bowl now has two locations in the Lancaster community serving pizza, subs, and their claim to "the world's greatest strombolis".  While my college dining experience did not consist of very much Sugar Bowl (I mostly stuck to my prepaid meal plan) my mother, a '87 Millersville alumni, fondly reminisces on the late night stromboli runs. 
However in the design community on campus, Sugar Bowl was known for their interesting website. When starting to learn about website navigation and UI/UX design in college a group project we complete was on how to redesign Sugar Bowl's website. The saturated colors, whimsical font, and difficult to navigate website creates an overwhelming experience. In small groups we redesigned the content into wireframes and elevated the designs while keeping the Sugar Bowl feel.
Now as a Millersville alumni myself, while thinking of my next redesign challenge item I decided to go back to Sugar Bowl and elevate on what I learned from the initial project and try to create this into a Figma prototype. 
The prototype I created is a short storyline to show the process of completing an order for one regular large stromboli purchased at the Millersville location. To realistically interact with the mobile design, click the button below to open the link in a web browser. If you are unsure what to select, tap anywhere on the screen and a blue box will appear on the areas that are interactive.
Software Used
Adobe Illustrator & Figma 
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