Project Overview
Choose three relating products and create a packing series that is environmentally conscious.
The Process
For my second assignment in my packaging class, we focused on sustainability in product and packaging design. The project challenge came from not only the task of connecting a series of three products of an existing brand, but also the final pieces must be eco-friendly feeling.
I spent a lot of time researching my product series first. I decided on female menstrual products as, more recently, I have noticed a trend of reusable and organic products. For the brand I choose P&G's Tampax and Always as I felt, compared to other prominent menstrual product brands, their current visual style offered the most flexibility to introduce something organic and natural focused.
I started with sketching and a Pinterest board with the idea I would print on an untreated, naturally brown paper stock substrate with very minimal color. However, one day in class we took a trip to the new fabrication lab and were presented with all new equipment including a laser cutter/engraver. 
My concept shifted to engraving and I began to learn how to construct my file to both engrave and cut my dielines. The physical construction of the dielines and the final piece took time (and math) to complete. While I did use a free template maker online, I wanted the final pieces to appear as realistic as possible. To do so, I measured existing products and packaging to adjust my dielines
After a successful laser cutting session I constructed my final pieces. I created a TikTok for my design page showing how I created the final pieces. 
The final portion of our assignment was to create a formal pitch presentation we would share with the brand as if they were our client. 
I used InDesign to create a slide deck with a key points of my mission, my final art dielines, and photos of the final packages with and without hypothetical products.  
For more details and photos on the process visit my class Blogger.
Software Used
Adobe Illustrator & InDesign
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