Project Overview
For a Deloitte initiative I had the privilege of designing deliverables for the 2022 Air and Space Hackathon hosted by the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. The 2022 Air and Space Hackathon provided the opportunity for students to learn and collaborate in a fun and interactive way - all with the important mission of increasing diversity in STEM and interest in aerospace careers. 
The 2022 Hackathon challenge statement was "How might we highlight inspiring stories of diversity in the past, present an/or future for a selected exhibit in the Udvar-Hazy Museum?" Groups of students in the DMV area came together for a multi day event to design through Figma a mobile prototype solution to the challenge. The winning solution was then selected by a panel of judges and a Deloitte team assisted with programming the prototype to be a functional application for the museum. 
Physical Manufactured Items
Participating students were gifted a T-shirt, reusable water bottle, and stickers to decorate their water bottle with. 
T-Shirt Design for Participants
3 inch Stickers
Social Media & Marketing
To market the event the Deloitte team hosted a takeover of the @LifeatDeloitteUS Instagram page sharing quotes from participating Deloitte practitioners and a behind-the-scenes view of the Hackathon closing ceremony. 
Designed posts were also created to be shared on X (formally Twitter) and LinkedIn by Deloitte practitioners and volunteers.  

Image designed for a Instagram story poll for @LifeatDeloitteUS

Instagram Posts From @LifeatDeloitteUS
X (formally Twitter) and LinkedIn Posts shared by  Deloitte Practitioners and Volunteers 
Software Used
Adobe Illustrator ​​​​​​​& Photoshop
A majority of my work at Deloitte is unable to be shared publicly; however, because these items were promoted by Deloitte and Deloitte publicly shared involvement in the event I am able to present them here. I do not take ownership of the work or assets shown above. 
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